Classic Spit Roast

Please Choose One Option From The Following
Gourmet BBQ
~ The Following Items, Grilled To Perfection: Hand Made British Beef Burgers. Chefs Own Gourmet Sausages. Thai Chicken Kebabs. BBQ Meaty Marinated Spare Ribs.
~ Or ~
Spit Roasted Free range Pig
~ A Whole Pig Slowly Spit-Roasted Over Flames. Carved And Served By Our Professional Hog Roast Chefs ~
~ Or ~
Whole Roasted Ethically Sourced Spring Lamb
~ Slowly Roasted Over Flames and Draped With Fresh Rosemary. Sumptuous Aromas and Incredible Flavour. ~

~ Or ~
Whole Roasted Chickens
~ Roasted Whole To Perfection. Served Golden and Moist. With Freshly Made Sage And Onion Stuffing, ~
~ Or ~
Roast Sirloin Of Prime Beef
~ Whole Roasted Sirloins Of Sumptuous Beef. Prepared Over Flames To Your Liking. Served With Red Wine Gravy ~
~ Or ~
Whole Roasted Turkeys
~ Fresh Turkeys Roasted Whole Over Flames. Moist and Delicious. Served With Fresh Cranberry Sauce, With Home Made Sage and Onion Stuffing ~

All Served With Soft Floured Rolls.

All Items Include A Home-Made Vegetarian Option

This Service Includes:
Skilled Hog Roast Slough Staff To Roast Your Meat At Your Venue.
Gazebos Which We Roast And Serve Under (Should The Weather Or Yourselves Require It). A Serving Table Laid With Crisp Linen
Any Left-Over Meat To Be Either Carved And Served On A Platter, Or To Be Disposed Of. All Refuse To Be Discretely Removed And Disposed Of Off Site For Your Convenience.